Wukong 10PCS N52 Rectangular Bar Neodymium Magnets,Strong Pulling Force Rare Earth Magnetic Bar Tool Holder for Multi-Use-60 X 10 X 3mm

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The north and south poles of each magnet are on opposite 60mm x 10mm faces. Each magnet can support up to 33 pounds of steel vertically from the magnetic surface when in flush contact with the mild steel surface.

Box contains: 60mm x 10mm x 5mm (approx. 2.36" x 0.4" x 0.2"). Thick N52 neodymium magnet 10 per pack

There are two different situations.
For metal surfaces:
Suitable for bodies with shiny surfaces such as refrigerators, glass, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, etc.

For non-metallic surfaces:
Strip off one side of the adhesive, stick to the sides of the magnet, tear the other side of the adhesive, and stick it to the shiny non-metallic surf.

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