Magnet Fishing Rope 8mm 20M

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Widely application: Perfect for magnet fishing, escaping, boating, fishing. Can be used as utility lines, pulling and stringing lines, trawl or bridle line, winch line and more, and can be used at stage, event, and special effects rigging.

Material: Nylon.Please refer to the Breaking Strength. Do Not Recommend to use it for rock climbing. High quality polyester material, very strong and durable; Able to keep good braking function.
Specifications: The rappelling rope came with Stainless Steel D-ring Locking Carabiner. Diameter:8mm; Length: 64FT (20M); Max tensile force : 550 Pounds (250kg)

Can be rolled up to a small part, easy to tie knots, very compact to carry it with you; Static and strong enough to keep one person safefor climbing.