Magnetic Hooks Kitchen Home

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Multiple Use: With these hooks tidying the keys, papers, kitchen utensils, tools, etc. Use in your home, kitchen, workplace, office, garage, shed, gym, lockers and many more!

High quality: The magnet hook and the bottom are in steel with neodymium magnets. 6 pieces hooks with magnet to meet all your needs

Convenient: No mounting hardware required! This hook is a great travel accessory! This hook can adsorption on any magnetic surface without having to drill into your home fixtures!

Super Strong Magnetic Base:

SNF16-18 Packs: Steel pan diameter 16 mm. Adhesion / Retention 8kg.

SNG25L-8 Packs: Diameter is 25 mm, height 14.7 mm. 1 piece holds Max 18kg if on Vertical surface; and on side surface, it Holds Max 3.5kg.

SNJ25L-12 Packs: it's pulling force to 19kg in ideal conditions.

SNE32L-6 Packs: 32mm Diameter. It can bear up to 34kg, the Power Reduced by 1/3 When Using it Vertically.

SNG32L-6 Packs: Diameter is 32 mm, height 14.5 mm. 1 Piece Holds Max 30kg if on Vertical surface; and on side surface, it holds Max 5.5kg.

SNF16-18 Packs: £11.99=$14.58

SNG25L-8 Packs: £11.99=$14.58

SNJ25L-12 Packs: £16.99=$20.66

SNE32L-6 Packs: £11.99=$14.58

SNG32L-6 Packs: £13.99=$17.01