Magnet Fishing – The Definitive Guide

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If you’re reading this, then you’re welcomed to the complete guide of magnet fishing. From this guide, you will get proper information concerning magnet fishing. You will know the meaning of magnet fishing, benefits of magnet fishing, the types of equipment you will need for this act, how to magnet fishing, if it’s legal to magnet fish and many more tips and useful information. So brace yourself.

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What is Magnet fishing?

Just the way metals detect other metals on land with the help of a metal detector, that’s how magnet fishing works but in a different scenario. Magnet fishing or magnetic fishing is fishing for metals in bodies of water using a firm magnet attached to a rope which is used to pull the magnet out of the water.

It’s a simple idea that has become a hobby for people all over Europe, the US and other parts of the world. So in this hobby, you find a strong magnet and attach it to a sturdy rope. Drop the magnet attached to the cord into a river, canal or lake with a mindset that it attaches itself to a metal. Once you feel it has gotten stuck on something, you pull the magnet back onto dry land. This is basically what magnet fishing is. You will be shocked at what you’ll pull out of water when magnet fishing.

magnet fishing magnet

Magnet fishing is such an easy and exciting outdoor sport that anyone can partake in. The extroverts get another chance to come in contact with their environment uniquely. Imagine the excitement and the thrill the hunt would give when you pull a metal treasure out of water. You will be able to quickly and easily imagine what’s below the surface when you come across a body of water you think may have something inside.

There has been no particular description as to how this fun activity started. Some people say it began with fishers and boat owners who were trying to retrieve their lost equipment at sea. There have also been stories of fishermen using special retrieval magnets anytime something gets lost at sea. Another account also says it began when metal detectorist was looking for ways to search deep water for treasures. No matter the story behind the invention of this sport, it has become a growing trend that has aroused the curiosity of a few people around the world.


Benefits of Magnet fishing

There are many benefits one can get from partaking in this magnet fishing game. Here is a list of benefits of magnet fishing.

  • Magnet fishing is a great way to exercise the body. Throwing and pulling out the magnet can be of help to the muscles and be a great way to workout.
  • Magnet fishing is also a good way of keeping our different body of water clean of rusty metals and other metallic or iron materials. We spend lots of effort and resources cleaning our water of metal bodies that have been deposited in them long ago. With the advent of magnet fishing, you can rid the water of these poisonous substances that contaminate them and make it harmful to aquatic life.
  • As an extrovert, spending time outside the house eases your body and mind from pressure. You would also get some fresh air which can help you relax from all the stress of the week
  • Trying out this sport will likely lead to developing an interest in history because you’ll need to identify and give a date to whatever you pull out of the water which would arouse your interest in the activity
  • If you’re fishing in areas where wars have been fought, you may find dangerous objects such as rifles and hand grenade. Some of the things you would fish out have become antiques and would cost lots of money to antique dealers. So you stand a chance of getting paid for carrying out your hobby.
  • Apart from being paid for antiques, you can also earn money because of the cost of metals. With the rise in the value of metals, whatever parts you salvage can be sold for a reasonable price. Doing this exercise not just profits you physically but also business-wise.


Types of equipment needed for magnet fishing

For your fishing gear and set up, you’ll need a few items similar to what you use to catch a fish in the river. As a fishing rod has a hook, line, and sinker, so would your magnet fishing component include a wukong big magnet for fishing and a strong rope for tying the magnet.  

magnet fishing rope

Where you magnet fish is vital to your chance of finding any metal, take note. You also need a large amount of curiosity and patience. Unlike real fishing, magnet fishing is faster at catching something. You’ll get to know on time if there’s any metal in the water and pull it in when the magnet has attached itself to it.

Magnet fishing magnet: You need a powerful magnet that can hold on to any piece of metal in the river and one you can easily tie to a rope. During magnet fishing, it would be difficult to find a flat contact because of how long the metal has spent in the water. The amount of accumulated debris would also make it challenging to achieve flat contact that is why you need a much stronger magnet to handle these irregularities. With that said, the best magnet for magnet fishing is the Wukong neodymium magnet. The magnet is created to be large, and its compact size aids it in having a huge pull force. These types of magnets are rare and considered to be the strongest magnets in the world. Apply caution when handling these magnets as they are quite strong and can cause injury if they fall on any part of the body. Do not attempt to put two of this magnet together as they can shatter from the force.

strongest magnet

Apart from this magnet, you will also need a strong rope line as earlier stated. I recommend that you get at least 50ft of rope length, which would be enough for fishing in shallow waters and 100ft for deep waters. The material of the rope should be the nylon paracord because of its strength, elasticity, durability, and high resistance. 

Apart from these two, you would also need a pair of scissors or penknife, pieces of towels, hand sanitizers, and a bucket or bag for storing your findings.


How to magnet fish (Magnet fishing tips)

This magnet fishing game is an elementary fun-loving activity to be a part of. After finding your body of water which can be a river, lake or canal which you have thoroughly researched to know if any historical event happened around it.

Make sure to keep a distance from anyone around, and then swing the magnet like a pendulum and release into the water. Now, there are two ways which you can pull out the magnet;

1st way: drag out the magnet slowly till it resurfaces from the sea. Do not be in a hurry as it may cause the metallic object to slip away from the magnet or cause the magnet to miss the object. Remember you have to be patient, so slow and steadily pull out the magnet from the water.

2nd way: throw in the magnet and begin to walk around the water bank till you feel the magnet stick to something. You will be able to cover great distance this way, and once you feel it stick to something, you can begin to pull it out.

You can quickly tell when a magnet hooks on to something. It’s just like fishing. You’ll feel the weight of the rope and the magnet get heavier, or you feel a bit of resistance if you’re walking along the banks of the river.


Is it legal to magnet fish?

This is something that has got lots of people thinking and wondering. Well to magnet fish is not illegal. There has been no law out in place to restrict people from retrieving metals from the river with a magnet. But if you want to fish on private property, you may need permission, or else it would be termed trespassing. So always seek consent when using s private property. If you want to use a canal, check to see the waterways laws and abide by them.

Another thing you should know is to check for the magnet fishing laws and waterway laws of whatever state you want to magnet fish. That will be helpful, so you don’t break the law or seen as an offender.


Magnet fishing safety laws

  • Make sure to wear gloves to protect from contamination and sharp cuts
  • When casting your magnet, make sure no one is close.
  • Keep your fingers out of the way always because these magnets are strong and powerful and can cause multiple injuries to your fingers if they get trapped in the way
  • If you go magnet fishing with kids, make sure they wear gloves
  • Always go with a towel and a hand sanitizer to clean your hands of germs


I hope this guide to magnet fishing helps you get started and keep you in check while you go about your new-found hobby. You can never get tired of exploring and researching new places to fish. So make sure you put safety first when carrying out this fishing game.

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