Best Magnets for Magnets Fishing

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1. What’s the Best Magnet for Magnet Fishing?

Has it ever come across your mind the types of treasure you may find around your house, on the beach, or at a neighborhood lake if you go searching? While the commonly used equipment to search for these objects is a metal detector, a magnet can also be used for the same reason.

If you’ve ever considered trying out this activity, some magnets would do a fantastic job and make magnet fishing fun for you. Wukong magnets offer all kinds of magnets for people who love magnet fishing.


Want to know what magnet is the best magnet for magnet fishing?

The answer is simple. It depends on a few factors like your budget, what you want from the magnet, and the features needed. These are just a few factors, but there are many more this guide would reveal along the line.  In the following sections post-ceding this intro, we would talk about the best magnets for magnet fishing for various people, the best magnet kits and the best heavy-duty magnets.


The best magnet for the magnet fishing beginners

Wukong Fishing Magnet 330LBS with 20m rope

An example of the best magnet for beginners is the Wukong Fishing magnet 330LBS with 20m rope. This magnet is made from high-quality A3 steel and Neodymium. The magnet has three layers of the best available coating which makes the magnet rust-resistant. The coating makes the magnet have a gloss feeling.  The magnet is designed in a cup shape that protects the magnet from chipping and cracking.

The magnet also comes with a 20M long braided rope with a 6MM diameter and a robust security lock made of stainless steel which is corrosion resistant.

 wukong magnet 330lbs with rope

Features of the magnet fishing magnet

The magnet is the ideal equipment for magnet fishing, treasure hunting, retrieving materials, hanging and lifting materials. It can serve as a multipurpose tool to hold stuff like screws, bolts hooks, fasteners, or any metallic things you want to keep safe. You can also use it wherever you need the service of a magnet.

The Wukong fishing magnet is made from Neodymium and has a pulling force of 300LBS, which makes its puling power stronger than the ordinary magnet. Its magnetic pot is designed to be in the centre and the bottom of the magnet. This magnet has a long service life and a powerful force that delivers every time. You can count on it.


Wukong Fishing Magnet 600LBS

Another example for beginners is the 600LBS magnet. This is a double-sided Neodymium magnet with 600 mm diameter and 30mm thickness. The Wukong magnet has a powerful pulling force of 600LBS for direct touch under ideal conditions.


Features of the Magnet 600LBS

This is another excellent magnet for magnet fishing, lifting, treasure hunting, and pulling activities.  It can be used wherever you need a strong magnet. The Ni + Cu + Ni triple layer coating gives this magnet a shiny and rust resisting characteristic.

The magnet itself gets shielded from cracking and chipping by a steel cup which also helps it have a longer service life and permanent force. The magnet is easy to use because of the eye bolt screws on the top of the magnet that screws into its steel base. All you need to do is attach a rope to the magnet, and you’re good to go.

 wukong magnet 660lbs 272kg


The Best magnet for people who have experience with magnet fishing

We have two best magnets for people with experience in treasure hunting and magnet fishing. We have the Wukong fishing magnet 380kg pulling force and Wukong fishing magnet 400kg. We are going to look at them simultaneously with the best rope for carrying out the job.


Wukong Fishing Magnet 380Kg

The fishing magnet 380kg is a super magnet for experienced hands in magnet fishing, hanging, lifting, and reclaiming items from your fishing. Perfect for storing things like bolts, screws, fasteners, hooks, and anything metallic.

The magnet is of an N52 top magnetic grade and has a 90mm diameter. With an 18mm thickness, the Wukong magnet has a 380kg pulling force that exerts extreme pull power for touch and pulls situation. Its three-layer coating gives it a shiny look and makes it rust-resistant.

With the magnet well positioned inside the cup, the magnetic force comes from beneath the magnet.

 wukong magnet 836lbs 380kg

Wukong Fishing magnet 400kg

This Wukong fishing magnet is a perfect replica of the fishing net 380kg. The only difference is in the shape of the magnet cup, the diameter, the level of thickness, and the pulling force, which is 20kg more than the former magnet.

The diameter of this magnet is 75mm with a 25mm thickness. The magnet has a double-sided pulling force of 400kg that is extremely powerful. This is a magnet explicitly made for magnet fishing. The magnet is protected by a shiny steel cup coated with a triple layer coating that prevents rust and cracking. So, give it a try if you’re an experienced hand.


These magnets cannot be used for fishing without a fishing magnet rope.  The best line to use with these magnets is the magnet fishing rope 20meters long and 8mm in diameter. This is the safest rope to use as it’s safe enough for magnet fishing and any other outdoor activity.

With the rope made from premium nylon material, it is light in weight (0.67kg) and has a robust elastic limit and bearing strength. The braided fishing rope is UV resistant which makes it perfect for outdoor activities.


The best magnet for people who love the extreme

The following Wukong magnets are for the people who love taking the sport to the extreme. The Wukong fishing magnet 1144LBS and the Wukong double magnet 1696 LBS which are the best magnet for magnet fishing for people in that category.


The following are features of the Wukong fishing magnet 1144LBS;

The unique design is different from the previously mentioned with a countersunk hole for eye bolt on the top.

This magnet is the best magnet for magnet fishing, treasure hunting, hanging, hoisting, and retrieving treasures.

This magnet is an N52 top-grade magnet with a 120mm diameter and 18mm thickness. With a pull force of 520kg, the magnet is ideal for touch and pull actions.

The magnetic force of this fishing magnet comes from beneath the magnet, which lies safely inside cup-like protection.

Its triple layer coating makes it right for the job and offers it protection from rust and crack.


Here are features of the Wukong fishing magnet 1696LBS;

This is a 94mm diameter magnet with a 30mm thickness. The Wukong double-sided magnet has a pulling force of 1696 LBS which is a compelling, magnetic pulling force for touch and pull action.

Its design was made specifically for magnet fishing and treasure hunting. Therefore, one magnet provides enough surface area to catch treasures.

Easy to assemble with an eye bolt screw on the outer side of the steel cup that screws directly into the steel base. All it needs is a rope attachment, and you’re good to go.


  1. The Best Neodymium Fishing Magnet Kit

Looking for the best neodymium fishing magnet kit? The Wukong fishing magnet 350kg with 20m rope and pair of gloves should serve that purpose. This is an excellent magnet for magnet fishing, and it can be used to hold little metallic objects or fix at your garage. 

Comes with a 67mm diameter and 25mm thickness, the Wukong double-sided magnet has a pulling force of 772LBS which is quite powerful for touch and pull scenario. One of these magnets provides about twice the surface area for catching targets.

Comes with a steel cup protection and triple layer coating that gives it a shiny surface and makes it rust-resistant. If you’re looking for a long-serving magnet with a powerful force, then the fishing magnet 350kg is highly recommended.


  1. The Best Heavy-Duty Magnet for Magnet Fishing

The Wukong magnet fishing 1144LBS is the best heavy-duty magnet for heavy-duty fishing for apparent reasons. It’s pulling force is extremely powerful for a direct touch and pick scenario which is much stronger than the regular fishing magnet.

With a magnetic force that comes from the bottom of the magnet, the other sides of the magnet get shielded by the cup-like steel covering. Its shiny and rust-resistant feature made possible by the triple layer coating provides extra protection for the magnet.


  1. The Best Double-Sided Neodymium Magnet for Magnet Fishing

The Wukong double-sided neodymium magnet was made particularly for magnet fishing with a 94mm diameter and 30mm thickness. The 1696LBS pulling force makes this magnet extremely powerful for touch and pick action. One of these magnets provides twice the surface area to catch targets.

This is an excellent magnet for not only magnet fishing but for holding and fixing things at your garage or anywhere an incredibly strong magnet is needed. Its triple layer coating gives it a long service life performance which makes it a perfect tool for extreme fishing lovers.

The magnet is made with an eye bolt screw that goes directly into the steel base to make it secure.  All that needed is a rope attachment, and you’re good to go.



Looking for the best magnets to handle not only your fishing needs but your other needs in general, then the Wukong magnets are the best options. They are for the US, CA, UK, other European Union countries, and the Australia markets.

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